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Alwine pompe  -  chocolate paper / aluminum foils, colored pencils on wood

Alwine Pompe, born in Hamburg.
Studies: University of Applied Sciences for Design, Armgartstraße / Hamburg.
Textile design / graphic design
(Among others: Prof. Friedrich Einhoff and

Prof. Hans Weckerle).

Alwine Pompe has been working with colored chocolate paper / aluminum foils for over 30 years and colored pencils. The base material is always wood.


Extract from the Swiss art magazine: "ph + arts",

No.: 22, decembre 2000

"As an artist interested in science, Alwine Pompe deals with the energy of light / color and its

effect / radiation on the cells of the human body.
Colors, structures and the material used by Alwine Pompe make your works so especially. It is unique how the artist uses the metallic praline paper, these beautiful, very thin, fragile, shiny, multi-colored aluminum foils as the primary material. The artist reinforces the diversity of this material by incorporating reliefs and colored pencils into her workss. The result is a firework of colors, shapes and structures.
For a viewer there are new perspectives on these images, again and again".


Blue wave, 24x30 cm  -  Copyright by Alwine Pompe

The vita and works by Alwine Pompe were published by the "Chinese Cultural Information Association" in October 2017

("Universal Culture Press" Verlag), in the book: "The New Silk Road - Famous Artists on the Silk Road).

The Chinese art magazine "Sina Collection" published in its news about the art exhibition in Nanjing in May 2018:

“Alwine's work is particularly amazing. She uses exclusive and special artistic techniques to meticulously transform everyday objects

into beautiful, colorful collages with relief, thus creating unique works of art.”


Alwine Pompe had previously exhibited in the following countries:
Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, China, Luxembourg.

Engstens durchwoben, 50 x 50 cm  -  Copyright by Alwine Pompe



In her more recent works, the artist deals with "ars sacra".
In collaboration with the Abbey Maria Laach:



Since spring 2019, excerpts of the images on products from the monastery publisher Maria Laach, ars liturgica e.K. to see.
They are distributed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland and in the USA.

My works consist primarily of colored chocolate paper.
More specifically, it is a packaging material made of aluminum foil for chocolate. It is a very fragile, precious, colorful material that develops great
radiance when exposed to light.
It is mainly available for the major Christian holidays: Christmas and Easter. The symbolic figures of our two most important Christian festivals are wrapped into these delicate and shiny aluminum foils:
Santa Claus, angel, bell, Christmas tree, star, Easter bunny, Easter lamb, Easter eggs, etc.

In order to be able to design the pictures in so many colors, a very large collection of foils is required, which is collected over many years with perseverance, smoothed out, cleaned and dried, sorted and stored.

The technical creation of these pictures was also not easy.

There was no instruction manual for this material as there are for other techniques. I did not know which surface, which adhesive, which other materials are permanently compatible with it.
I also found no help in specialist shops.
The technology only crystallized through many experiments.
This great effort gave me the opportunity to create unique pictures. And this for over 30 years.


Concealed, 30 x 25 cm  -  Copyright by Alwine Pompe




As more and more plastic packaging materials are used in the confectionery industry, these aluminum foils are becoming increasingly rare.

Fortunately, thanks to my friends, I have a nice, large, diverse selection of beautiful chocolate papers.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank these dear people for their persistent and helpful collecting. Without her help, my pictures could not be so diverse and colorful.

I would also like to thank one of the oldest chocolate factories in Switzerland - FAVARGER Schokoladenmanufaktur since 1826, Geneva - which provided me with delightful chocolate candy from their archive.